*Voting Period: Tuesday – Sunday
*Voting Limitations: You can vote 3 times a day, every day throughout the weekly voting period per ID!



1. Create an account on Melon.com (click here)

2. Click the center button to verify that you are over the age of 14.

3. Checkmark all of the boxes to agree to all of the terms and conditions.

4. Create your account by filling out the required information~

5. Verify your account via email by clicking the email option and typing in your email address. 

6. Check your email inbox and verify the account

7. Confirm and complete!




8. Log in to your account

9. Go to Show Champion section (click here) and choose the newest week which is usually on top of the list (and with the name ‘SHOW CHAMPION’. 

10. Click on the Purple button to vote

11. A small window should pop up, look for AOA ‘흔들려’ and vote by clicking on the Blue button. 

12. If you’ve voted successfully, you’ll see this pop up!  You can vote 3 times per day!! 

‘Click on the blue button again’

13. If you have reached your voting limit for the day, you’ll see this window pop up:

cr: 2oneday.com

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